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Japan: SEGA opens new SEGA Sapporo Studio as second game development base

SEGA Sapporo Studio logo

SEGA has announced today that it has opened another development studio in Japan as a second game development base for its talented creators. The SEGA Sapporo Studio will be managed by Takaya Segawa, who is the producer of Phantasy Star Online 2, and has been with the company since 1992. The new studio is based in Sapporo capital of the Hokkaido Prefecture on the northernmost island of Japan. The studio opened on formally opened on 1st December, 2021 and will serve as a place to both develop games and also work on debugging/QA work. Mr. Segawa said that the SEGA Sapporo Studio will “play a role in the development of entertainment that can be conveyed and enjoyed from Japan to the world.”


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