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Dragon Ball: The Breakers producer discusses aspects of the upcoming game

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Dragon Ball: The Breakers is the recently announced eight-person online multiplayer game which is set in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse universe. The official Bandai Namco Blog sat down with the game’s producer Ryosuke Hara to discuss the upcoming game. Mr. Hara revealed a number of things about the game including that it won’t feature a single player mode, just a tutorial to play through. He also mentioned that you can also will play as Dragon Ball characters without super human strength. You can read the full interview here, for now here’s a few extracts about the game which launches later this year.

Will it have single player mode?  

We will have a Tutorial Mode which explains the plot of the game and basic controls, but the game will mainly focusing on Online Multiplayer. For a game like Dragon Ball : The Breakers, having a vast player base is the main ingredient to create an online environment that is reliable, active and enjoyable. This emphasis on Multiplayer is also the reason why we consider the price of the base game to be certainly much lower than 69.99 euros.

What other elements can we expect to see from the Dragon Ball universe?  

There are already several elements from the Dragon Ball universe that can be found in the game. But one thing that I believe is quite unique compared to previous Dragon Ball games, is the fact users will be able to also play as iconic Dragon Ball characters without super human strength (such as Oolong and Bulma). 

Is the game compatible on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X?  

Yes, the game can also be played on PlayStation5 and Xbox Series S/X, but currently there are no plans on releasing a PS5/XS/SX upgraded version.


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  1. Playing as Oolong or Bulma isn’t really unique tho, when no one wants to play as them to begin with. If the concept behind the game was more of a playing from the villain’s perspective and exploring what-if scenarios from each saga, with more emphasis on narrative and actually going deeper into the lore, then the game probably would’ve recieved much better reception.

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