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Kirby and the Forgotten Land file-size is just 5.8GB

One game which is sure to be a hit this year on the Nintendo Switch is the new 3D Kirby game, Kirby and The Forgotten Land, which looks set to sate the appetites of 3D platforming fans. We found out recently that the game will launch on 25th March and there will be a number of you who will choose to purchase the game digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If that’s you, then you will be pleased to hear that the game will only take up a mere 5.8GB of console space or space on your micro SD card.


6 thoughts on “Kirby and the Forgotten Land file-size is just 5.8GB”

      1. +Skorupi420
        Hang on what? If it’s compressed that means there’s a lot in it so….aren’t you basically backing up what Gruntilda said?

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