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Video: The Cuphead Show is coming to Netflix next month

Studio MDHR, the developers behind the excellent 2D platformer Cuphead, has announced today that the animated show based on the video game, The Cuphead Show, will be airing on 18th February exclusively on streaming service, Netflix. To celebrate the announcement of a release date, Studio MDHR have shared the debut trailer which uses the same animation style as the video game. Studio MDHR has a busy year ahead as the long-awaited downloadable content for Cuphead will be coming to Switch and other platforms on 30th June.

4 thoughts on “Video: The Cuphead Show is coming to Netflix next month”

  1. I don’t get some of the negative comments for this show in regards to the animation, I get that the game’s graphics is the main appeal (alongside the high difficulty), but trying to go with almost exactly the same traditional pen-and-paper methods would have been too exhausting to say the least.
    Imo this doesn’t look any worse then The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse series (which I actually liked, unlike its 2013 predecessor which I disliked for some reason). Funny enough, the second season of that series will air the same date as this one.

  2. If only they would have stayed true to the 30s animation style. This looks awefully generic (no wonder, it’s Netflix after all).

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