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Gal Gun: Double Peace gets a Nintendo Switch exclusive opening cinematic

gal gun double peace

NSFW anime-style rail-shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace from developer Inti Creates is soon being ported to Nintendo Switch, but not without some raunchy exclusive content. Publisher PQube has shared a brand new opening cinematic that wasn’t featured in the original 2015 PlayStation release nor the subsequent 2016 Steam version. You can check out the trailer via PQube’s YouTube channel here. Gal Gun: Double Peace is coming to Nintendo Switch worldwide on 17th March 2022.

ICYMI: Gal Gun: Double Peace will also be getting a Funstock exclusive “Horny Trinity” physical Nintendo Switch collector’s edition, available for pre-order in both Europe and North America.


2 thoughts on “Gal Gun: Double Peace gets a Nintendo Switch exclusive opening cinematic”

  1. And with the Internet, console-exclusive video is kinda… pointless? Someone’s gonna record it and upload it for anyone to look up and view, there’s no real reason to make something like that Switch-exclusive.

  2. I do hate how Microsoft and Sony have a “think of the children” mindset with these types of games but I’m glad it’s on Nintendo switch.

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