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Metroid Dread producer Yoshio Sakamoto discussed the game’s difficulty

metroid dread launch trailer

Metroid Dread has been available for a little over a few months now, enough time to understand the game’s mechanics and difficulty. In fact, Metroid Dread producer Yoshio Sakamoto actually discussed the game’s difficulty in a Famitsu interview that has been translated into English by Nintendo Everything.

Sakamoto said that “we got used to the difficulty during development which made it hard to understand how it would feel as a new player. Balancing is difficult no matter the game, but both Nintendo and MercurySteam were determined to get the action elements feeling smooth. E.M.M.I. is unlike anything that’s been done before and we got lots of people to play it so we could tweak appropriate balance for an action game. One of the things we focused on was to make sure when a  player hits a game over, they know what to try on their next attempt”.

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13 thoughts on “Metroid Dread producer Yoshio Sakamoto discussed the game’s difficulty”

  1. I think with games as great as this, there should be the option to play it in hard mode from the start, it is fairly challenging ( mainly some boss fights ), but I mastered the bosses fairly quickly. Such a great game though

    1. It took me 10+ tries but I eventually figured out Raven Beak’s patterns. Like the BotW lynels before him, he went from pain in the ass boss to punk ass pushover after that. (I wish Calamity Ganon had been on their level; hopefully BotW Ganondorf will fix that.)

  2. One of the foremost complaints regarding this game that I’ve seen it that it’s too hard. Although I sympathize with that struggle, for me it was the exact difficulty I wanted. I’ve been enjoying more difficult games. I enjoy the trial and error aspects, and it honestly never took me more than say 6 tries to beat a tough enemy. I’m worried about them making future games too easy. Hard modes are fine, but the really only change. Damage and health levels, not enemy patterns, which is what makes it challenging but fun.

    1. I just don’t get this. The game is really not difficult at all besides the final boss. I swear no one wants to die on anything ever anymore.

      1. That’s who I had the worse time with. Til I learned his pattern. Then, like BotW’s lynels, he became a pushover. Hard mode might change that, though. I’ll find out when I face my first boss.

  3. I cannot connect with this game – the rhythm and flow is just not there. I was excited to play this but feel that it’s just okay at best. Too many Metroid-like game in the market that this no longer feels fresh or unique.

    1. “he rhythm and flow is just not there.”

      This might be the most ambiguous criticism of all time.

      “this no longer feels fresh or unique.”

      A game doesn’t have to be unique to be high quality. In fact in any given year, most high quality games released aren’t particularly fresh or unique.

      I gave the game a 7/10, I’m not super fan, but your criticism boils down to “I didn’t like it because I didn’t like it.”

    2. I actually felt like the game’s rhythm and flow was spot on. Your progression feels meaningful and very fluid the entire game. I only got lost twice or so. They really did a good job, in my opinion, or making you feel smart despite using subtle hinting techniques to push players in certain directions.

      The game is really well crafted. Made me feel excited to be playing games again. And this is coming from someone who has only played Metroid Prime 3 and Prime Hunters. I am by no means a Metroid fanboy. I feel as though games like this are so rare. Not many games literally make me feel like I can’t put them down nor make me think about them all day long.

      Only other games that have made me feel this way are: Mario 3D World, Doom 2016, and Zelda Breath of the Wild. I can safely put Dread on this exclusive list. Wonderful, wonderful game.

  4. It didn’t seem hard to me. It was the first Metroid game where I got all the ending artworks.

    My only MAYBE criticism is that the EMMI sequences honestly were easier when you just made a run for it instead of being stealhy. I mean… I didn’t hate that but if there was the intention to be stealthy and build tension, then I guess I didn’t get there in my playthroughs.

  5. The only thing I would like to say concerning Metroid Dread is that the constant presence of the E.m.m.i.s, while fun most of the time, does indeed take away from the the solitary exploration and since of isolation previous Metroid classics like Super Metroid are known for. It’s like the sa-x from Metroid Fusion being around all the time.

  6. I use to be against the “git gud” crap back in the day but Metroid Dread has changed that. Almost makes me want to give Dark Souls an honest try. And give Bloodborne another try, too.

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