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Reuters: Nintendo’s interested in the metaverse, but won’t consider it until it can be done in a way that provides “surprise & fun”

Today has been a busy news day for Nintendo fans, with the company announcing their latest quarterly financial results. Of course, the hardware and software sales data is only half of the news that comes from them. Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, also answers questions from investors and the media.

For example, it was only a matter of time, but Furukawa was asked about the metaverse. According to Reuters, Furukawa said that there is potential in the metaverse, but they aren’t considering it. Furukawa says that this is because they are having a hard time figuring out how they can do this in a Nintendo way that provides “surprise and fun”.


16 thoughts on “Reuters: Nintendo’s interested in the metaverse, but won’t consider it until it can be done in a way that provides “surprise & fun””

    1. I’m honestly happy my Nintendo didn’t make this clickbaity unlike Nintendo life, who tried to make it seem like Nintendo was actually into nft, Nintendo gave the most basic pr response to it who would want to get caught in that messy web

      1. It’s exactly that kind of stuff that made me stop following Nintendo Life.
        That and the extremly toxic comment sections it had.

        1. It’s like buzzfeed on that site and it’s the sole reason why I have never made an account on there, most of their articles are clickbaity so finding anything news worthy on their is like shoveling for a pearl through a whole lotta sand.

          1. It’s a shame too because I like their YouTube channel. I guess that’s helped by the good chemistry of the hosts as well as the actual visual and audio you get from that medium.

      1. It’s a Netflix show about a dystopian world that comments on how dangerous modern, or near-future, technology could be. It’s very “Twilight Zone”-esque.
        I think the Metaverse concept would fit into the show very well.

  1. Nintendo’s core values in a nutshell.

    In others words: More WTF ideas (like having Pirahna Plant as a playable character in Smash, for two Marios, despite Echo Fighters being a thing), but not TOO dank, like most western memes on the internet that make Miyamoto cringe.

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