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Nintendo says it prefers to invest in its own employees than purchase large companies

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa has hit back at the recent large scale acquisitions from its competitors over at Sony and Microsoft, saying that the Kyoto-based company prefers to invest in its in-house employees and developers, rather than purchasing large gaming companies which do not fit with the company’s ethos. Speaking to Bloomberg, Mr. Furukawa said that acquiring large development studios would “not be a plus to the company.”

“Our brand was built upon products crafted with dedication by our employees, and having a large number of people who don’t posses Nintendo DNA in our group would not be a plus to the company.”


8 thoughts on “Nintendo says it prefers to invest in its own employees than purchase large companies”

  1. So when are the other IPs going to be coming out as frequently as Mario, Link and Pokemon then? Funny y’all can make Hey Evevee, Sword and Shield , Brillant Diamond and Arceous in less than 10 years apart but people have to wait 20 years for other Nintendo IPs?
    Wish Donkey Kong, Dread, Star fox and Pikmin came out like that.

  2. I bet we won’t get Metriod Prime 5 until 2047. By 2039 they’ll put on a Nintendo direct that Metroid is 5 is currently being worked on. By 2041 they’ll say they looking for qualified developers for this tittle when they should had started Prime 5, 20 years ago when Metro is 4 had the same situation.

  3. You would think this is a good thing reading it about it any company, but knowing Nintendo, it’s just their typical stubbornness. A reason why they make dumb decisions sometimes. Everything is handled by out of touch old men.

  4. This is why when some companies get acquired, they become a shell of themselves. Big takeovers stifle the individuality of smaller companies.

  5. And Nintendo loses again….

    The real issue for them: Because they’re such a Japanese company still clinging too their Edo Hanafuda days, they’re almost allergic to the trends of other western developers that are often brought up in VG news alongside Nintendo. simply put, you won’t see Nintendo doing the following:

    -Buying other companies
    -PC gaming (not counting licensed games from the 90s)
    -Proper livechats during gameplay
    -Power-based consoles (rather than an attractive gimmick on weaker hardware)
    -Fan game/mod tolerance
    -A retro-store for ever game ever released on their consoles
    -Acknowledging their beta content (instead of locking it away, only for them to be hacking during an imposed news drought in a pandemic)

    Sometimes I wonder if Nintendo sees themselves as a Disney theme park, rather than Disney themselves.

  6. We need to see more of this. Microsoft purchasing Bethesta and Sony purchasing Bungie, Nintendo has the right idea. I don’t even know why Sony purchased Bungie for $3.6 billion, Halo is still a Microsoft exclusive. Bungie doesn’t own the Ip and no one cares about Destiny and it’s repetitive gameplay.

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