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Nintendo: 98 million out of 103 million Switch owners used system at least once last year

Nintendo switch (oled model)

Nintendo informed us earlier this week that the Nintendo Switch family of systems have now sold over 103 million units since the initial Nintendo Switch system launched back in March 2017. In the company’s recent financial report, the Kyoto-based company said that 98 million of those 103 million Switch systems which have been sold have been actively used by their owners at least once in 2021. That’s certainly an interesting statistic, and it just clarifies that those who own the system are not letting the console gather dust somewhere and are actively gaming on the system. The Nintendo Switch family of systems are now the best-selling consoles Nintendo have ever produced.

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9 thoughts on “Nintendo: 98 million out of 103 million Switch owners used system at least once last year”

  1. I wonder how that statistic would look like if they measured at least twice, 3 times or 10 times.
    Or if they measured at least an hour 2 or 10 idk.
    Cuz just once cloud potentially include 50 million inactive users 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. That is a good point. If anything both Steam and Sony has shown me is that there’s a disturbing amount of people who are “active” in the sense that they buy a lot of games, but the actual number of games they take time to play to get 2 or 3 achievements (that only takes an hour to do) are very few and far between.

  2. I technically played my switch a few times this year, so I’m one of those 98 million… but literally only a few times. It’s otherwise absolutely been gathering dust all year.

  3. That’s impressive, i mean why would anyone purchase a Switch and have no intention of playing it. Unless they own a PlayStation. Then again i don’t think most PlayStation owners actually play games, they purchase it because of the motto “it only does everything”
    Sony probably has a less active fanbase, their probably all watching Netfix on their “PlayStation” or stuck in Safe Mode, and on the phone with customer support.

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