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Capcom launches countdown website for new project 

Capcom logo featuring games

Video game giant Capcom has created a new teaser site for a project which is set to be revealed later this week. It is anyones guess as to what the new game could be, but with the dark theme on the countdown website it is unlikely to be something like a new Mega Man game. Resident Evil 4 is apparently being remade over at Capcom so it could be for that, or it could be for Capcom’s new IP Pragmata, which is the company’s PlayStation 5 exclusive which made its debut at E3 2020. As soon as we know what it is, we shall let you all know.


Thanks to  Greatsong1 for sending in the news tip!

11 thoughts on “Capcom launches countdown website for new project ”

  1. My Guess would be Street Fighter 6 or maybe something with Resident Evil, like Resident Evil Village dlc.
    That teaser site has a countdown with 6 days until it expires, it could be Pragmata. Although Pragmata was delayed until 2023. Capcoms new ip Pragmata isn’t a PS5 exclusive, it’ll be available for Xbox and PC from what I’ve seen.

      1. Yeah pretty much. The final DLC fighter Luke was released last year, and Capcom has implied he will have an important role in the next game.

  2. SF6 is a guarantee at this point given the Capcom Cup Final is taking place this week and SF5 is at the end and probably has one last balance patch.
    Secretly praying for a Resi-make 4

  3. If I’m allowed to come with some wishful thinking, I noticed the lower end of the screen has a texture that reminds me of dinosaur skin… DINII CRISIS CONFIRMED YOU GUYS!!!111

  4. Most likely guesses would be something RE-related (the long rumored RE4 remake if nothing else) or SF6 (SF5 is pretty much finished, and Capcom Cup finals are this week).

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