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Grand Theft Auto Trilogy for Nintendo Switch updated to Version 1.06, impressions seem positive

grand theft auto the trilogy the definitive edition

Rockstar Games tweeted yesterday that they have been working hard on patches for the poorly received Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition and that the fixes would be deployed next week. However, late last night it emerged that the Nintendo Switch version of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition was updated to Version 1.06. Users on various message boards and social media have been testing out the latest patch and it seems to be mostly positives from those who have commented. The notable things mentioned by owners of the game seem to be that the frame rate has been improved and is more steady during high speed chases with far less dips than pre-patch and there’s noticeably less pop-up than before when driving around the city. Hopefully the trusty team at Digital Foundry or similar tech-focussed YouTube channels upload a performance video for the Version 1.06 patch soon.

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    1. Is that on your phone or computer? Its is possibly because of the cache of the old site as it has to bring up the new site. If it persists then please let know.

  1. I like the format and layout of the site, oftentimes i’ll type something and it never gets posted. That’s okay, because most post get analyzed and some random fanboy has to correct every detail including grammar. It’s not a post unless it’s 100% accurate and spell checked.
    Im not being sarcastic, just stating facts. Wouldn’t want my post being analyzed and corrected or some random fanboy implying im ignorant or how my facts are deplorable. Have a nice day:)

  2. I adore this game on my OLED Nintendo Switch. I have a few switch consoles now and as I have gone 100% download only this generation I can install my games on all my Switch consoles. Allah bless Nintendo for being generous like that. I recall Sony updating their ToS when the VITA came out allowing games to run on 2 handhelds, 2 consoles only. Disgusting! Still I enjoyed my time being with Sony. I won’t say when I worked there as I didn’t. They instead required my services and intellectual property.

    Nothing is better than the Nintendo Switch. I own multiple TVs around my house (inherited. Entire family share a great wealth so we trade houses like siblings would change bedrooms as kids heh heh I can’t imagine trying to buy a house these days. Most wages are what £50k? And mortgages are for 30 years now on a shitty small £200k house? Working 9 to 5 every day slaving away working yourself ragged. That’s so messed up how can anyone do that? Constantly amazed the working class don’t revolt. You guys deserve it now with landlords taking the piss. Actually I’m technically a landlord too as my family makes money from renting out a vast load of normal houses. It’s usually other relatives that deal with it but we do use a company to look after our portfolio for us, and they’re okay for the most part.) I have multiple oled TV systems but for some reason the Switch just looks good. It’s enjoyable to look at. Like the oled vita and all our Oled iPhone 13+ phones.

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