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Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet announced for Switch, launching late 2022

The Pokemon Presents presentation ended with some news that many Pokemon fans will be happy about, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have been announced for the Nintendo Switch console. Both games will release simultaneously later this year. Details are light, but it’s being developed by Gamefreak and the style of gameplay is akin to Pokemon Legends Arceus – go ahead and enjoy the announcement trailer below:

14 thoughts on “Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet announced for Switch, launching late 2022”

        1. I do love the anime series but I stopped at sun and moon season 1 and let the dubbed version go by for a while and get back on watching the anime series soon. Also, its ok if you did skip the game honestly because I’m also a huge Pokemon fan myself. Sword and Shield was ok in my part, but it was a small led down because people notice that GameFreak are being lazy and they have reuse the character models from Sun and Moon.

  1. Not gonna lie, but I’m glad that they are reusing the same mechanics style from Pokemon Legends Arceus in Gen 9 which they are still sticking to the style tone. Anyone else agrees?

  2. Maybe it’s because Legends Arceus literally just released, but it feels very soon for Gen 9 to be announced already, never mind being released later this year.
    Well it looks pretty interesting at least, I like that they seem to be following Legend’s new style of gameplay.

    1. it’s worth noting that the typical gap between new generations is around 3 years, which has been consistent since the beginning with the exception of there being a 4 year gap between generations 3 and 4. I think it just feels sooner than it actually is because we just got both BDSP and legends in quick succession

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