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Video: The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is coming to Switch this September

NIS America, complete with their new logo, has released a new story trailer for their upcoming JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero along with a release date. The game invites players to explore the city of dreams, Crossbell, and beyond and will be coming to the Nintendo Switch family of systems on 30th September. The game was originally released on Sony’s PlayStation Portable in 2010and never received a western release. You can check out the brand new story trailer down below.

Welcome to Crossbell, where culture, commerce, and dreams collide. However, beneath its pristine surface, the city-state hides a darker side teeming with crimes and secrets. What dangers await Lloyd and his comrades within the unknown reaches of Crossbell? Coming 30 September 2022!

NIS America

7 thoughts on “Video: The Legend of Heroes: Trails from Zero is coming to Switch this September”

  1. September seems pretty active, this is certainly interesting. Im currently interested in them announcing Disgaea 6 Complete for PS4, PS5, Pc and Steam. Although it doesn’t have an official release date, it just says “Sometime this summer” i was thinking most likely around the same timeframe.

  2. Isn’t this game from the PSP days? I remember this one coming up back when I finally picked Trails in Sky for the PSP in like 2011. Back when the fanbase kept complaining about not getting LoH Zero and the one we got was an early 2000’s game 🤣 NIS just keeps giving the old ones.

    1. Nah, LoH has its own fanbase. It’s small, but its strong. Im personally picking up Zero, but I really never got into Xenoblade. I played the Wii one and it just never clicked.

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