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Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android has finally had an update

nintendo switch online

The Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android devices been updated to Version 2.0 today and with the update comes a number of welcome changes such as a fresh coat of paint and additional functionality that probably should have been added a while back. The Nintendo Switch Online app hasn’t been the greatest experience for Switch owners and there’s plenty of functionality Nintendo could continue to add to it, but at least it seems that they have heard some of the feedback levelled at the app and have implemented some changes. Here’s exactly what has changed in the Nintendo Switch Online app Version 2.0:

  • The app’s overall design has been updated
  • You can now see which of your friends are online
  • You can change your online-status settings
  • You can view your friend code
  • Other minor changes have also been implemented


5 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Online app for iOS and Android has finally had an update”

  1. Though those changes are nice I still feel like it’s far too late to save this service. The fact you still simply can’t just have a party in the app or on the system (heck even message friends on there) is so disturbing. The wiiu had something going with miiverse it just lacked party chat but had everything else. Hopefully one day a party chat and messaging will be integrated to both system and app!

    1. They really need to bring back Miiverse, having direct access to people who bought the games was great. Sadly it will never happen because there are too many dumb parents who don’t think about using parental controls before giving their kids a device and they would rather blame their incompetence on somebody else if something goes wrong.

  2. I completely understand the business decision to do it. But, Nintendo should not be charging consumers for an absolutely sub par online service.
    I owned my X360 back in 2007 and it was still leaps ahead of this nonsense.

  3. Odd. Mine is still stuck on crap mode. Did my phone not update it?

    Moments Later

    So I had to uninstall the stupid thing & reinstall it to get the update. Not sure if it was a fail on Google Play Store, my phone itself, or Ninty, but whatever. It does look a lot better.

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