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Square Enix acknowledges Chocobo GP issues, prize level adjusted and free Mythril

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Square Enix has tweeted this afternoon that they have heard the fan outcry regarding the prize level settings in Chocobo GP. Square Enix says that they have been monitoring the situation and have adjusted the prize level settings to make the Chocobo Racing GP mode more forgiving. As an apology for the situation the company has stated that it is handing out 500 Mythril, which is the in-game currency, to all users. Chocobo GP is out now on Nintendo Switch and is available as a free-to-play title or as a purchasable game.

9 thoughts on “Square Enix acknowledges Chocobo GP issues, prize level adjusted and free Mythril”

    1. In the free version you cannot, it’s only gift mythril you can recieve. I’d also like to add that I just found out from twitter, the mythril has an expiration date on it…….Ah yes, because players love having expiration dates on in-game currency and definitely don’t want to save it for content they might want later……

      It brings me joy knowing just how much people on twitter also hate what they’ve done to a classic.

      1. Honestly it’s so weird like I played the lite version but I’m honestly on the fence to pay for the full version , due to all the in game currency, it really doesn’t sit right with me and makes it feel like a mobile game especially when you paid for the game in full, the game is still fun though and the 3 characters they give you are pretty good.

        1. +felixgray
          Here’s my take on it; If you don’t have a deep love for Final Fantasy then don’t bother with this 1. I’ve been playing it and personally I really do like it. The base game roster is actually good and offers a lot and there’s a decent selection of tracks to race on. However, I think it’s obvious that Square is really playing on the love of the franchise with this 1 because even the story has a load of references to the main series that will no doubt fall on deaf ears to anyone that isn’t a die-hard fan.
          The problem, of course, is the microtransactions. This really does rub me the wrong way. Yes you can actually earn everything just by playing the game but it’s such a snails pace and is obviously just there to really get you to buy more in-game currency. This game really should have been free-to-play and it’s horrible that Square would force this into a game that’s full price.

          1. Ahh I figure that be the case not into final fantasy but I love the chocobo characters, I’ll just stick with lite version as it’s free and I can still play all the tracks through gp, the slow leveling and in game currency is a huge no no to me.

            1. +felixgray
              It’s honestly a shame because, in my opinion, the gameplay and presentation is very good. The music is fantastic quality, the game looks very pleasing, and the content really does surprise me on how much there is on offer.
              It’s just a shame all of this satisfaction had to tainted by the horrible implementation of microtransactions.

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