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CyberConnect2 donating 7-day total sales of Fuga: Melodies of Steel to charity

In light of current global affairs, game company CyberConnect2 will donate all proceeds from sales made on Fuga: Melodies of Steel over a 7-day period to children in need.

For those of us who develop games that people all over the world can enjoy, the situation currently unfolding globally is by no means something to be taken lightly. We sincerely hope that this donation will help in bringing smiles to the many children who are currently suffering.

Message from CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama

“I have given serious thought as to what we, as a company, can do in light of the current global situation. The game Fuga: Melodies of Steel produced and developed by our company is about children

thrust into the midst of war, who then go forward in the hopes of being with their families once more. With this in heart and mind, we have decided to donate the sales proceeds of the game, along with delivering the message behind it, to children experiencing and suffering from war.

We wish to help the children in any way we can, and we pray for a bright future where there is peace in the world and children can live and laugh freely.

“We wish to express our heartfelt sympathy to all victims of war who are suffering and grieving, and we sincerely hope that days of peace and laughter will be upon us soon.”

You can purchase the game on Nintendo Switch eShop here.

Source: CyberConnect2

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