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Yacht Club Games releases 7 years of artwork from Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove under Creative Commons 4.0

shovel knight artwork

The generous team at Yacht Club Games has announced that they have now released all the superb art-work for the brilliant Shovel Knight Treasure Trove in one small zip file. The file size for the artwork is only for all the seven years worth of art and that is because it is pixel art, where files are usually measured in Kilobytes. You can download the artwork under Creative Commons 4.0 here. This is what the team at Yacht Club Games said on their official Kick-starter page:

“Now for the second big surprise! So, we’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. The spark of the idea came way back in 2013 during the Shovel Knight kickstarter when someone shared with us a picture of an unknown game dev at a game jam using Shovel Knight sprites as reference. He was making art for HIS game referencing art from OUR game. We love the idea of enabling other game devs! So, to that end, we are finally realizing one or our dreams by publishing the Treasure Trove: a nearly 1 gigabyte .zip containing ALL of the art from the 7 years of production of Shovel Knight Treasure Trove. 1 gigabyte doesn’t sound like a lot in modern video game terms but it’s pixel art, these files are usually measured in Kilobytes. It’s huge and it’s YOURS!

This is a raw repository of all our assets including animations, backgrounds, menus and the like. You’ll find it all in the state we are used to working with including project files and mockups. The keen eyed among you might even find some cut content hidden away! We use a program called Pro Motion NG and all of the .flc and .pmp files can be opened with that. You can find Promotion NG here.

Good luck, treasure hunters, we hope you enjoy digging through the art archives and can’t wait to see how this enables you to make your own games in the future!”

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