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Nintendo apparently sending out Switch Online survey

Nintendo Switch online + expansion pass

It seems as though Nintendo is busy sending out an online survey for Nintendo Switch Online members to ask them what they think of the service and its benefits. Nintendo has two types of subscription for its Nintendo Switch Online service. The first is the standard Nintendo Switch Online subscription which includes online play and access to the Nintendo Entertainment System games app and the Super Nintendo games app. The second is the higher tier Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership which includes online play, the Nintendo Entertainment System games app, the Super Nintendo games app, and the Nintendo 64 and SEGA Mega Drive games apps. You also get access to select DLC such as Animal Crossing: New Horizons expansion and the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Boost Course Pass tracks. If you receive the survey email from Nintendo be sure to let them know your thoughts on the services.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo apparently sending out Switch Online survey”

  1. Honestly, it sounds better then paying for PlayStation Plus. Sure, you can backup saves into online storage/the cloud if your a PlayStation Plus member. Sony gives gamers 2 free games, that are usually outdated. I’d rather have access to free dlc, i’ve been a PlayStation Plus member since before it was required for playing online on PSN and have never downloaded the free monthly games. What’s the incentive, when the free monthly games get removed from your game library if your PlayStation Plus membership expires.
    Im basically paying for PlayStation Plus just so i can backup save data and get the occasional discount in the PlayStation Store. On PS3 Sony had exclusive avatars and themes for PlayStation Plus members. Now that Plus is required, they give you less. Not to mention certain regions PlayStation Plus membership increased by $10 .. But, you get nothing extra.

    (i hope no Sony employees are on this fourm)

    1. Don’t try to make Nintendo seem like the better choice now. Nintendo still has a lot to go to make it seem like a halfway decent online purchase. Sure you get NES and SNES.

      NES had a Library of 782. How many are on the Nintendo online account services? Way less than that.

      Super NES Library accounted for 725 games. How many are pn the Nintendo Online Account? Don’t worry I’ll wait.

      Sega Genesis for the Expansion pack? You can get most of those for less than what its really worth on the expansion pack alone.

      Nintendo 64 Games are hardly the best. Although updates make the games play better. Your better off emulating those. They are releasing games at a snails pace. For all 4 systems.

      And thats just 1 topic to rant about.

        1. was waiting for a reply from em haha because that was just a portion. i can go on. they need vast improvements. just because they are nintendo means most fan will automatically flock to whatever they bring out.

          1. You’re responding to a post criticizing sony by disagreeing and instead……. not contradicting any of their points and making unrelated points about nintendo?

            Strange choice.

            Also a strange choice to measure how good the online service is by what percentage of a system’s full library it gives you. If I gave you 500 games for a dollar, whether or not there are a thousand more games out there somewhere has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not those 500 games for a dollar is a fair price.

            “Nintendo 64 Games are hardly the best. Although updates make the games play better. Your better off emulating those.”

            Stealing things usually is more efficient than buying them, but it isn’t exactly a fair comparison now is it?

            I’m more on board with Felixgray. The point to hammer is renting DLC.

          2. “just because they are nintendo means most fan will automatically flock to whatever they bring out” Exactly! and there’s just so many fandoms out there that say you need to be free of scrutiny, otherwise you’re not a “real” fan. That weird stance is what separates the drones from the normal fans who may like to enjoy a lot the company puts out, but is not on board with everything the company or whatever does.

        2. Yeah, that essentially makes the service more valuable only if you have those games, and not everyone does, and if you don’t that’s an entire part of the package you get no benefit from. I barely play AC but I checked out the homemaker DLC just to see how it is; meanwhile I play MK8 Deluxe regularly so I just bought the Booster Course DLC to ensure I always have that. Because what happens when the service inevitably ceases? Those are whole chunks of games you lose access to and might never be able to access again if you didn’t just outright buy the DLC.

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