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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition won’t allow you to switch between original and refined soundtrack

chromo cross remaster

The official Square Enix website originally told fans that the forthcoming Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition would allow players to switch between the original and the newly remastered soundtracks while playing, however this isn’t the case. The Japanese company said today that the original feature was published on their official website in error and only the new refined music in Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition can be played. Here’s an updated list of new features which will be in the Chrono Cross remaster when it launches on Nintendo Switch on 7th April.

  • 3D models converted to HD
  • Refined character illustrations
  • Higher-quality background music
  • Switch enemy encounters on or off
  • Background filter feature
  • Battle enhancement features to make combat easier
  • Auto-battle function
  • Switch between imitation pixel font and HD font
  • Change screen resolution


13 thoughts on “Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition won’t allow you to switch between original and refined soundtrack”

  1. I don’t imagine something like that is very difficult to patch in. Sure, it might be a large patch depending on how many music files are added, but it can be done. I think it should.

  2. Just asking out of curiosity if Chrono Cross Radical Dreamers edition will have fast forward battles. Auto Battles and Battle enhancement, is that like fast forward battles and god mode or something else. Surprised it has switch battle encounters on or off, alot of RPG’s sell stand alone dlc that gives the option of turning off encounters.

      1. Well Persona Q2 on the 3DS had DLC accessories that disabled and doubled encounter rates respectivly.
        Can’t think of any others personally but I assume it’s been done before.

  3. I suppose whether this is a big deal or not depends mostly on what exactly “higher quality background music” means. Is it just the original music in a higher quality (less compression, better audio codec etc.)? If that’s the case, then including a switch option is probably unnecessary.

    If it’s a remastered/remixed soundtrack, however, then a switch option should be there.

  4. Actually i can, Kemco Games. Like Asdive Saga, Asdive Hearts etc They sell stand alone dlc that gives the option of turning off encounters. They also have dlc for 2X damage to enemy mobs and 3X exp gained.
    Seeing that Chrono Cross includes the option of turning off encounters just caught me off guard

    1. Huh, I guess I just somehow managed to avoid all of that. Most of the RPGs that I played that hasd random encounters in the first place were by Nintendo or Square Enix, and I’m guessing all of those had in-game methods of disabling encounters.

      For example, in Pokemon, you have Repels. In Final Fantasy games, you usually have certain pieces of equipemtn (or in the remasters, a cheat to disable the encounters). Didn’t know this was actually such a big thing.

  5. It’s always the Switch Ports that get the short end of the stick despite often selling their console rivals.

  6. Eh. I’d complain but, I already have the original in several formats. Not really an inconvenience for me. Shoot, last I checked Squenix still printed this on PS1. Couple years ago when I bought my sealed copy, you could still buy new copies of Chrono Cross, FFIX, Anthologies, Chronicles, and a couple other straight from their website.

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