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Nintendo Switch Sports overview trailer

various characters from Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo has provided a new overview video of the snazzy Nintendo Switch Sports which is due out next month. The game features a number of fun sports and different modes including online play and unlockable costumes for your customisable in-game character. The company has also said that golf will be available as an additional sport after a free software update which is coming later this year. Nintendo Switch Sports is due to be released on 29th April and be sure to watch out for our review coming soon. Check out the latest Nintendo Switch Sports trailer in the tweet down below.

“Enjoy six sports with family and friends locally and online in Nintendo Switch Sports! Play Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, and Chambara using intuitive motion controls with a Joy-Con controller. Face off against sports rivals near and far to earn in-game rewards, or aim for the prestigious Pro League! A seventh sport, Golf, will be added this fall.”

3 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Sports overview trailer”

  1. I hate these new avatars with a burning passion lol. Honestly, it would’ve been better if we got another game that was like a mix of Wii Sports Resort & Nintendo Land that allowed us to free roam as our miis in this little city and see all the amenities, sports facilities, interact with other players, etc.

  2. Aside from the less-appealing avatars compared to Miis (which thankfully you can use in this game), I’m actually really excited for this game. My coworkers and I have been trying to make game nights a regular thing and this looks like a perfect contender.

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