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Nintendo Switch Sports is releasing on April 29th

Nintendo announced another new game in today’s Nintendo Direct, but it may not have been one you were expecting. Wii Sports is back, but this time, it’s Nintendo Switch Sports. Multiple sports are going to be playable in the game, including Bowling, Tennis, and Soccer. Golf will be added in an update later this fall.

Nintendo Switch Sports is going to be releasing on the Nintendo Switch in a little more than a couple of months from now, on April 29th. Nintendo of Europe also tweeted the news on their official Twitter account, so we’ve included the tweet they posted for you to check out down below.

10 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Sports is releasing on April 29th”

      1. I know the Miis are in this, but they’re very lacking compared to the other “Sports” games.

        They were literally everywhere in the Wii Sports games, but here they’ve mostly been replaced by those human looking characters in the trailer, the only time we saw a mii was during the short gameplay segment. They’re no longer the main focus.

        I never said they weren’t in the game at all. Pay attention.

  1. Looks nice but feels like somthing that Nintendo should have done and released as one of the Switch’s launch games.
    Anyhow, I will give it a try as I kinda enjoyed Wii Sports.

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