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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe paid DLC announced, free with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, features 48 remastered tracks from classic Mario Kart titles

mario kart 8 deluxe booster course pass

Rumors of Mario Kart 9 have officially been squashed, as Nintendo will be continuing the longevity of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe by introducing paid DLC. 48 remastered tracks from classic Mario Kart games will be released by the end of 2023 across 6 waves, with the first pack of 8 launching on 18th March 2022. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: Booster Course Pass will be priced at £22.49 / $24.99, but it will also be available for no additional cost to subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

28 thoughts on “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe paid DLC announced, free with Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, features 48 remastered tracks from classic Mario Kart titles”

  1. This is bittersweet. I was hoping for a new game (or even Nintendo Kart) but this is A LOT of DLC tracks to revitalize the game.

  2. You know, for a second there, I thought they were done with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe because the game has not received any major updates since 2018. It looks like Nintendo is not finish with the game yet.

  3. I TOLD YALL. I was saying it for years, “Please look forward to future updates” from the mario kart video, “Good things come to those who wait” from the twitter post with Kalimari Dessert. They said it for a reason. I said we we’re supposed to be getting dlc, we just need to wait, and yall said I was loooking toooooo hard into it and stretching it. I CALLED IT.

    Good things came to those who waited indeed omg. The only thing I’m curious about now is if we’re getting any updates to bring back older karts and characters.

    1. Yeah this makes me much more happy when they continue to support the game. But, if I want to be truly happy with this, then I’m crossing my fingers for Figure 8 Circuit 8 from MKDS and Mushroom City from MKDD.

        1. Yeah I have play tour a few times but not much to my liking because I have not play the game that much on mobile. Yeah, most of the courses are a little utter and rubbish and basically does not fit the series style tone at all. This is basically not my best taste for a Mario Kart game. I just stick to the home console version because most of the courses and retro courses are more fresh and vibrant.

            1. All of the courses look better than their originals including all of the tracks pulled from Tour. The problem is that compared to the existing stellar lineup in MK8D, these courses graphically look plain and simple. Empty is a good way to put it. The textures and details just don’t look as high quality.

  4. I love how nintendo themselves stated they knew we talking about mario kart for a while and than proceeded to coconut mall us as soon as they play the trailer, kinda glad we don’t have a new one though rather have another one on another system.

  5. I finally caved and watched Spiderman No Way Home today. I avoided some spoilers, not all spoilers, and I was underwhelmed but overall satisfied.

    As the lights come up, I check my phone, and the first thing I see is “48 new DLC tracks coming to Mariokart 8” and I scream into the theater “WHAT!”

    I just couldn’t believe it. That surprised me more than anything in the movie. I just… this is something I wanted so bad like… 5 years ago. I can’t believe it’s actually happening!!! 48 is so many! And they’re adding it to the game, and some will be remakes of old courses… THIS IS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED THEY ARE TURNING MARIOKART 8 INTO SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE!!!

  6. I’m hoping N64 Wario Stadium is among the remastered tracks- it’s the only N64 course that has not been brought back as a retro track. I’m also hoping for:

    -N64 Kalamari Desert
    -GCN Mushroom City
    -GBA Lakeside Park
    -Wii Maple Treeway
    -3DS Wario Shipyard
    -DS Waluigi Pinball

  7. In case people don’t know, the following courses are in DLC Wave 1
    Paris Promenade (MKT)
    Toad Circuit (3DS)
    Choco Mountain (N64)
    Tokyo Blur (MKT)
    Shroom Bridge (DS)
    Sky Garden (GBA)
    Ninja Hideaway (MKT)

  8. By the time I subscribe to the NSO Expansion Pack, I’m most DEFINITELY gonna get the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Game Pass!

  9. We are talking tracks for SEK 250 then you are completely sold on Nintendo.
    It is not a sequel but tracks that should cost a maximum of between SEK 50-100.
    (and then it should also include extra characters and vehicles)

  10. Switch 4490: – Extra JoyCon 849: – and Mariokart 8 again 499: – and a DLC about 250: – = 6 cardboard !!
    To get an extra track that I assume already exists for ours when we bought a DLC with old tracks.
    Reasonable! : D

  11. Jag gillar switch men hatar kontrollerna, ALLA mina kontroller jag haft till Switchen har börjat drifta och får passeras till skräphögen. Vägrar ge nintendo mer av mina pengar.

  12. I like switch but hate the controls, ALL my controls I had for the Switch have started operating and may be passed to the rubbish heap. Refusing to give nintendo more of my money.

  13. Is no one gonna point out the fact this is the second thing of DLC that will be free to subscribers of NSO’s expansion pack? The 80 bucks for a year of the expansion pack just become a little more worth it.

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