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Sonic Origins coming to Nintendo Switch 23rd June

sonic origins

SEGA has confirmed today that the Sonic Origins collection will be released on the Nintendo Switch family of systems on 23rd June. The classic Sonic the Hedgehog collection contains Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD. If you decide to pre-order you will receive the Start Dash DLC pack which contains in-game currency 100 Bonus Coins, new Mirror Mode unlocked and you can customise your play-through with themed Letterbox Background. Check out the new trailer below.

23 thoughts on “Sonic Origins coming to Nintendo Switch 23rd June”

      1. Classic Sonic didn’t work for Forces… Classic honestly might have been the worst part- his inclusion just didn’t make sense for the plot and his stages didn’t feel like they did in Generations; they felt worse, they felt off.

        Will Classic work here? Yes, absolutely. Does he always work? No, not every time.

    1. Has the same energy as Sega charging super sonic as dlc in forces, they get enough backlash to change it if people respond more about the issue I was never planning on picking up orgins, but the fact that the dlc is so bare bones like character animations on the main menu and etc feels so ea like to me.

      1. The fact they needed to create a pre-order chart like the ones from EA and Ubisoft for a 16-bits game collection should tell you everything.

  1. For people like Tyson Hesse who did these type of animations cutscenes for Sonic Origins, they are true miracle workers! This what makes the Sonic franchise so unique and exciting!

  2. I’m conflicted on this. While the difference between the standard and deluxe editions is literally just $5, the deluxe edition gives you additional character animations, “letterbox” backgrounds, hard missions, and extra camera controls. The fact that they’re selling “extra” animations as DLC in a collection of old games is…………disappointing. Wow, really fallen far from grace lmao.

    I’ll wait for a huge discount, I’m not paying retail price for this lol. Since they wanted to bring new animations from Tyson Hesse, this was a huge missed opportunity to give an “anniversary” or “mania” mode that lets you play the classics in mania’s style and graphics. That would’ve definitely sold the game and gave the classics some more personailty, but oh well.

    1. +London Wright
      Normally I heavily disagree with what I read from you on this site but in this case I have to 100% agree.

  3. I’ll wait for a sonic heroes or adventure 1 or 2 port. I prefer 3d sonic games mostly over 2d ones but my favorite 2d games are the advance trilogy and rush. I play sonic 2 on my 3ds.

      1. Not just the Advance games but most of the handheld titles in general. I still want a collection consisting of those games.

      2. Apparently there’s an issue releasing it because THQ was a publisher for the NA release. Iirc the Japanese versions got a vc release because SEGA published it themselves in that region.

  4. This is nice, I’m excited but mostly because of the animated content and the other extras then anything else.

    Also, the fact that Christian Whitehead and Simon Thomley have some involvement in this collection gives me a tiny bit of hope that Mania 2 might happen some day.

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