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Nintendo Switch Sports getting new items and cosmetics each week & set completion bonuses

various cosmetics for Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo has revealed what it has inshore for the first batch of new cosmetics for the recently released Nintendo Switch Sports. To claim the cosmetics all you need to do is earn in-game points by playing global online matches, then redeem them for in-game items like outfits, rackets, hats, and more. The newly added items are only available for a limited time, but I suspect after a while they will be rotated. The current new items are available for 15 days and you get bonuses if you claim an entire set.


12 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Sports getting new items and cosmetics each week & set completion bonuses”

  1. I miss when Nintendo releases their multiplayer games as complete packages.

    I’m happy that Mario Party Superstars did, but I’ll be shocked if Mario Strikers winds up having all content on release too

    1. It’s a double slap in the face when the series used to Star the Miis. Ya know, the avatars that had all the customization options unlocked as soon as you turned on the system for the first time

    2. Right?

      Like, green is a pretty common eye color, why is that not available by default, you have to be lucky enough to get it in a roulette whenever you gain enough points?

      1. Did you just say green, your telling me they lock one of the basic eye colors aside from brown, blue, black in this game, do they just not have enough designs/outfits to unlock throughout the game because judging from most gameplay and guides theirs not too much customization and their expecting to not only drip feed new sports but also customization to allow the game to last longer, did Nintendo not learn from aces and speed rush, even than I can’t imagine games like Splatoon doing something like this.

    3. Just a PS, green is unlocked by default. My character has green eyes, and has had them since I started up the game the first time.

  2. Nintendo really sucks at making unlockable content fun. We have to wait 2-3 weeks for content rotation… why not just cycle in new content for the people that already unlocked both of the ones available. Why not make it so that you can regularly unlock content for the specific sport you play, like a new bowling ball or bowling themed gear for playing and upping your bowling rank and create an in-game point shop or exp trade off for equipment like new hairstyles, general/casual outfits and special types of sports equipment. It makes no sense to put everyone on a timer. in the next 2-3 weeks I might not even care or remember to unlock them because the distance is too far apart. The game just came out, people probably played it enough to already unlock the first 2 sets and now everyone has to wait a couple weeks for new rewards that don’t really add much to the game except a sense of individuality, but even with that we have to hope that they include cosmetic sets that suit us and wait another 2-3 weeks if not doubled before something interest us.

    I know the cosmetics aren’t the interesting part of the game or the main point, but that’s exactly why this process is stupid. if it’s so unimportant, why is it being treated so scarce. It’s creating a fake demand and desire to want these products because they have time limits on them, or if you aren’t good enough you can’t unlock them and you gotta get good before the time ends. it caters to people who may not be great at the game to give them enough time to earn the items within a set but why not treat the people who are good? Intentionally releasing a successor to Wii Sports shows that they’re targeting an audience that may have some skill with the game so it would have been smarter if they just quickly cycle the equipment out for a new set once you complete the current 2. If Nintendo cant do this because they haven’t made the assets and are doing this as they create them then that’s poor game design for this type of game. They should make it complete with all assets premade, if they wanted to release special ones later on as they go, they can do that separately. As I said numerous times, it makes no sense to release content for a game this way. I like the game, but this is honestly my only problem with it aside from the lack of other sports, golf being a later release and removal of boxing and baseball and the addition of other “tennis” like games. Badminton and tennis are nearly identical. volleyball is different enough but almost similar to the others but at least the motion controls are different. I just don’t understand why they did take more content from wii sports resort and make it into and even bigger game. There were plenty of sport that would have been great. If they’re releasing the sports later in the future, so be it, but I hate that practice, because there’s no way to guarantee the games will be fun/worth it since you already paid for the game

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