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Japan: Nintendo Switch has now outsold Nintendo 3DS

Despite being five years old, the Nintendo Switch family of systems continue to sell well each week in the land of rising sun with Nintendo’s competitors Sony and Microsoft struggling to gain a substantial foothold in the ever changing Japanese gaming market which is dominated by mobile gaming. David Gibson has revealed (via Famitsu) that the Nintendo Switch family has now outsold the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo Switch family of systems have sold 24.6 million units so far in Japan surpassing the Nintendo 3DS which took ten years to achieve the same sales figure. However, the ridiculously popular Nintendo DS system shifted 32.86 million, so the Switch has a way to go yet.

9 thoughts on “Japan: Nintendo Switch has now outsold Nintendo 3DS”

  1. Question: if the rumored Switch 2 is supposed to come in like 2 years, would this continue with the Switch sells or will it start from thr beginning?

    1. Depends really if it just allows enhanced performance on games or if it has exclusives, but then again the Gameboy Color is considered the Gameboy’s successor despite Color games being compatible with the original Gameboy.

    2. It would continue the sales, since it wouldn’t be a “switch 2”, it would be a Switch Pro. It would be Smart of Nintendo to keep the Nintendo Switch Family and Just keep updating the Switch, like Apple does with Iphone, And just focus on the Outstanding Games Nintendo is Bringing to Nintendo Switch!

      1. I think that’s what all 3 want to do with their current models, just basing on how PS4 and XBO got treated last generation.

    3. There’s no way Switch is getting a successor in 2 years, it’s going to get some kind of performance upgrade similar to New 3DS, or DSi was to the DS/3DS family, and be considered an upgraded Switch. Switch 2, the actual successor is a good 4 or so years away.

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