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Dataminers have found 28 unlockable collections in Nintendo Switch Sports so far

Nintendo Switch Sports has been available for nearly 2 weeks now. Since then, dataminers have been gradually looking into the game’s code to see if there’s anything interesting that Nintendo is planning in the near future.

Sure enough, they found something. Twitter user Wipeoutjack7 has revealed that “there will be 28 total collections, meaning possibly over a year of support”. Half of them have already been named, with the other half having placeholder names. As for the ones that have names, they’re themed on various things. There’s one for each sport, as well as random themes like “ice-cream, cute, luxury” and more.

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3 thoughts on “Dataminers have found 28 unlockable collections in Nintendo Switch Sports so far”

  1. I remember Dataminers discovered hidden content for Minecraft Dungeons and leaked it online before it was announced. They showed all the new additional content from enemy mobs, weapons, new areas, bosses etc i’d rather not know what’s being planned.
    Same thing when Skyrim released Dataminers discovered hidden areas including Marrowind You can get to certain parts of the map from Red Mountain. Im not sure how it works but i think dev’s hide content behind a firewall, they already have everything coded that’s scheduled as additional content. But Dataminers discover it and then they don’t always release what they had originally planned as additional content.

    I guess, but im sure someone will correct my post, have a nice day:)

    1. Most times datamines are flat out in the opening as long as your looking through files when it updates all the time, sometimes it could be anything in the files whether coding, texture, png or a normal regular file with a name on it.

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