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Square Enix claims Balan Wonderworld is a game “we recommend with confidence”

Balan Wonderworld artwork

Balan Wonderworld creator Yuji Naka recently confirmed that the reason he couldn’t talk about the 3D platforming mess that is Balan Wonderworld is because he had taken Square Enix to court for unfair dismissal after they removed him as the game’s director resulting in a unfinished product being shipped to consumers. Square Enix has now confirmed that they are indeed caught up in a lawsuit case involving Yuji Naka and surprisingly the company told investors that Balan Wonderworld is “a game that we recommend with confidence.” That statement doesn’t ring entirely true.

12 thoughts on “Square Enix claims Balan Wonderworld is a game “we recommend with confidence””

  1. Seriously, they recommend this broken mess of a game? Can’t say I can judge it based on personal experience, but when the general consensus across the internet tells you its an unfinished product I tend to listen. From what I’ve seen in reviews and other videos sharing their take on the game its not somethings Square should be proud of.

  2. This article title right here.

    So many thoughts rushing through my brain…. Between the demo, the final game itself, every YouTube who ever talked about the game, Yuji Naka leaving, the discounts, the news about what Square-Enix did to Naka, and this incredibly stupid quote, … just says a lot.

    Square-Enix, just shut up……

    1. This is exactly what I came to post.

      The fact that SE said that both Crystal Dynamics & Eidos underperformed with every release, and then turn around and make this stupid quote leads me to believe that SE has something against western studios. I had a hunch when they kept making deals with Sony and not MS, and ALWAYS prioritize SONY, but damn, they sure do have something against the west.

      1. Yet Squeenix has no qualms bowing to a bunch of whiny western dumbfucks on Twitter (and ResetEra) about “muh se.xism” over fictional fucking characters when there are real life victims they should be worried about. Gotta love when a company picks & chooses sides, and it ends up being the idiot side.

  3. Square, you’ve been in my life for so long and you’ve given to me some amazing experiences, but my gosh sometimes you can be so dumb.

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