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Thunderful working on 4 new SteamWorld games

steamworld headhunter

SteamWorld fans will be pleased to hear that Thunderful currently have four new games in the SteamWorld franchise in development and three of those games are currently scheduled to be released in 2023. The first is SteamWorld Headhunter which was announced for consoles last year. SteamWorld Headhunter is described as a stylised and colourful third person person co-op action adventure which contains a head-popping twist. One of the other SteamWorld games is codenamed Strawberry and is a puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. The third SteamWorld game in development is codenamed Coffee and it is described as a city building game for both PC and console. Thunderful has said that it plans to release as many SteamWorld games in next two years as it has in the last nine.


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