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The Grammys adds Best Video Game Soundtrack category for first time

the Grammys awards 2023 which take place next April

The Grammys have finally decided the time was right to include various new categories including the new video gaming category for Best Video Game Soundtrack. Gaming is obviously bigger now than it has ever been, so it seems natural for this new category to be included. It will certainly be interesting to see who takes the award when the next Grammy Awards ceremony takes place on Sunday 2nd April, 2023 in Las Vegas.

6 thoughts on “The Grammys adds Best Video Game Soundtrack category for first time”

    1. Where we going? Either way this is good news for video games. Just hope they dont just add this category on the quick update who won which category section where they just announce the name and ost and no thank yous from the artist who work hard.

  1. They could introduce this first award presentation with a montage of snippets from classic game soundtracks. They are starting this award after 40 years of awesome soundtracks with no grammy category, would be cool if they recognized those 40 years in some way before giving the first award.

  2. I’m being distracted by “Best Song for Social Change”

    lol I can not express the degree to which I do not value music industry executives and celebrities’ views on social philosophy.

    Great for the game industry though. Although I’m curious who they have to pick the nominees and winner that is qualified to do so. I’m reminded of watching the first big televised video game awards, where Madden got GOTY.

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