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Sonic Team boss says lots of play testers are really enjoying Frontiers and would give it an 80 or 90 score 

sonic the hedgehog in the upcoming sonic frontiers

In a new interview with VGC, the head of the Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka, says that while he’s heard some of the fans cries for a delay for Sonic Frontiers on Twitter, he is very confident that the end result will please players. Mr. Iizuka said that they have been recruiting play testers who have provided the team with “Great feedback” for Sonic Frontiers and he said the majority have said “They have had a lot of fun playing the game and if they had to rate Sonic Frontiers from what they have played they would score it around 80% or 90%. Sonic Frontiers is out later this year on Nintendo Switch and other platforms.

Based on the released footage, many fans called for the game to be delayed on Twitter. Is a delay an option, should you deem it necessary?

Frontiers is in development now, and actually we’ve been doing a lot of playtesting with our target audience, who would be in that demographic of someone who’d play a Sonic game and enjoy it. From our playtesting results, we have been iterating, we have been listening to the comments that come back, but we’ve also been getting a lot of great feedback from people who rate the game and are like, ‘I had a lot of fun playing this game, I’d give it like an 80 or 90 point score out of 100’.

So, we do feel that we’re getting to the point where this game is done, and people will like it, and we do want to get that game into our fans’ hands as soon as possible.

The overwhelming concern from those fans appeared to be to ensure that Sonic Team has as much time as it needs to make a great game. Do you have enough time? And do you have the choice to delay?

We really feel confident in the playtest results that we’re getting. A lot of people are saying they had a lot of fun, they really enjoyed the game.

We realise a lot of people are watching the videos online and making assumptions, but we do feel confident based on the playtest results from the target demographic that are coming in and playing the game start to finish, they really like the game and we’re confident that we’re making a game that will be satisfying.


17 thoughts on “Sonic Team boss says lots of play testers are really enjoying Frontiers and would give it an 80 or 90 score ”

        1. They probably our I remember when this place use to be a battle field during the wii u/3ds era, a good amount of them are pretty much cool people who like to role play even some of the trolls back in the day were like that

            1. The strange world...of Stranga

              The biggest joke is Quadraxis, after all the crap he claimed to he or to do. The a-holes at encyclopedia dramatica said that delusional loner known as Quadraxis traded the ray guns and war flags for rainbows and the LGQTB+ flag (not that it doesn’t matter) but it’s curious.

        2. The strange world...of Stranga

          Still visit this site from time to time and surprisingly some narutard poser still visits this too.

  1. If they’re this confident in the full game, why hide it from their audience? This is ridiculous and I see right through this charade. The game I saw from IGN was a broken mess and they won’t show us the “completed game”. I can’t be the only one getting Cyberpunk 2077 vibes from all this secrecy surrounding the near finished product, right? Next thing we’ll see is curated footage when reviews go up.

  2. The strange world...of Stranga

    Of course they are not going to give their own game a bad score!

    At this point everyone should expect a train wreck of a game.

  3. Oh boy, this remembers me of the reports from DICE about the developers ignoring negative reviews and only paying attention to the positive ones. It feels like a repeat of that.

    I really hope i’m wrong since i have been wanting a good 3D Sonic game for a while but the footage shown and these statements doesn’t give me confidence.

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