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Blizzard details F2P Overwatch 2 coming to Switch October with Season 1

Overwatch 2
Click the image for Overwatch 2 road-map

It was announced recently that Overwatch 2 will be a free-to-play product across all systems and will feature a Battle Pass like most other free-to-play games these days. This has divided some of the game’s fanbase, but as they always say the proof is in the puddling, so we will have to wait until it’s released on October 4th to see how the business model performs. For now though the team at Blizzard have put together a road map for the game’s release with Season 1 kicking off at launch day which is 4th October and Season 2 kicking off on 9th December. Oh, and this time Blizzard says there won’t be loot boxes, which were very much present in the first Overwatch game, stating that in Overwatch 2 the players can acquire the items they want directly through the Battle Pass, which is very much like there current systems in the popular, Fortnite. Overwatch 2 will also feature cross-progression, which is certainly handy if you own more than one system. Here’s the highlights:

October 4 – Season 1 begins:

  • Three new Heroes: Sojourn, Junker Queen, and a yet to be revealed Support Hero
  • Five new maps: New York, Rome, Monte Carlo, Portugal and Rio
  • New mode: Push

December 9 – Season 2 begins:

  • New Tank hero
  • New map
  • 30+ new skins
  • Mythic skin

2023 and onward:

  • New Heroes
  • New maps
  • New modes
  • 100+ new skins
  • PvE begins

8 thoughts on “Blizzard details F2P Overwatch 2 coming to Switch October with Season 1”

    1. It does seem a little like that… I remember reading somewhere that the team wanted it to be an update to the original Overwatch while management wanted to call it Overwatch 2 and management won.

      1. Of course management won… nothing but greed. It makes more sense to just do a mass overhaul similar to Destiny, Improving and adding content to the game. Unlike Destiny though, actually ADD content. The only noteworthy things I’ve seen was the stupid 5v5 change and a bunch of cosmetic changes. The game still looks the same after all these years like bro what’s with these game developers and these half-assed games and charging 60/70 dollars now.

  1. Somehow I have a bad feeling about this.
    But I guess I’ll give it a try, especially if I can play on PC or Switch.

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