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Rumour: Datamining suggests Mario Kart Tour could be coming to PC

Mario Kart tour golden gliders

Nintendo’s hit mobile game Mario Kart Tour, which has seen a number of tracks appear as DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, could well be coming PC. The news emerged via datamining of the latest update to the iOS and Android game which mentions using a mouse as an new input method, it could be written off as for developmental purposes but interestingly enough the Google Play Games for PC service is due to launch later this year which could be why the aforementioned mouse is mentioned in the code. Another section of in-game code mentions Mario Kart Tour running in emulator mode which again could suggest the Google Play Games for PC service. A number of Nintendo mobile games could further flourish on PC such as Fire Emblem: Heroes and Pokemon Unite. As always nothing has been announced regarding Mario Kart Tour coming to PC, so this is marked as a rumour at present until we get any form of confirmation.


9 thoughts on “Rumour: Datamining suggests Mario Kart Tour could be coming to PC”

  1. You can use mouse and keyboard on an iPad. I assume you can do the same with an Android tablet too.
    In my ears it sounds unrealistic that a Nintendo game would be released on PC, but then again, a few Nintendo games came to mobile, so I suppose it’s not too unrealistic to see this happen.

  2. At what point did i say that, i clearly said “didn’t i just read an article about how Nintendo is taking initiative to prevent leaks” but i love how ppl on these fourms analyze every post and come to their own conclusion.

  3. All mobile games are, because mobile games in general are getting native implimentation into Windows. Partly because of the mass exodus of PC devs to mobile development. This has been known for a long time now. This isn’t news, but will be used to fuel fanboy nonsense.

    1. Eh, I’d say it’s still news at least in some circles like a Nintendo focused one. Nintendo isn’t known for PC integration, but with this Mario Kart mobile game seemingly having PC stuff, it’s worth noting it to a Nintendo news outlet.

      I’ll just say that I’m a prime example. I didn’t know about a mass exodus of PC devs for mobile development because I’m primarily a Nintendo fan who happens to have a good PC. So for me, this is news

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