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Rumor: Steam database page for Sonic Frontiers has a November 8th release date (update)

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Update: The Sonic Frontiers’s SteamDB page has been updated again and the release date has now changed to 3rd December, 2022 (*Sickr)

For more than a month, Sonic fans have been seeing a gradual drip-feed of news on the next 3D Sonic game, Sonic Frontiers. However, one thing that has been noticeably absent from all the info on the game has been a release date. It has either been “later this year” or “this holiday season”.

Well, that may be changing soon. The game’s page on SteamDB, or the Steam database, has some details added. The game will be getting the Denuvo DRM, an anti-piracy measure SEGA implements in their games on the PC that causes a drop in game performance and has resulted in a lot of criticism from fans. The page also has an unconfirmed release date of November 8th. You can see a tweet relaying the matter down below.

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Steam database page for Sonic Frontiers has a November 8th release date (update)”

  1. 18 years since we saw a November 9th tattoo. Someone needs to get a November 8th tattoo to make this legit.

  2. If this is not a placeholder date, I hope the game turns out good, but with how Sega has handled Sonic Origins, I worry the same thing has happened with frontiers, but I have some hope. 3rd-Party DRM (Denuvo) is a given with Sega since they like to sneak it in to get an ear full later, hoping things change for the better.

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