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Prominent Nintendo leaker says to expect some kind of F-Zero announcement

Prominent leaker SyluxHunter who correctly announced the date of the recent Bayonetta 3 news drop and the game’s release date has teased that Nintendo will announce some F-Zero related news soon. He spoke on a recent podcast and teased: “00110010 00110101 00100000 00110111 00100000 00110010 00100000 00110001 00110110 00100000” which Twitter users managed to decipher and means “You Got Boost. Power!” He made it clear that people need to manage their expectations and the general consensus on social media is that we are looking at some kind of F-Zero HD remaster or something similar.


25 thoughts on “Prominent Nintendo leaker says to expect some kind of F-Zero announcement”

  1. they aren’t a leaker, they got lucky with the guess on the date. also, you think Nintendo would actually have someone leak anything? they would be gone, never to be heard of cuz Nintendo’s Ninjas will come after them. how do i know? Kit and Krysta talked about leaks and rumors in one of their more recent podcasts which they also talked about the Switch pro rumors. i never believe in rumors even if there is actual proof unless it comes from the horse’s mouth.

    1. The Switch Pro rumours are a compelling case for the rumour mill having some accuracy. Literally every single new aspect of the Switch OLED was predicted, including the OLED screen, the ethernet port, the kickstand, and the increased storage size (which they got exactly right saying it was going to be 64GB). Look back at the rumours if you don’t believe.

      The only thing the rumour got wrong was the headline item of 4K DLSS support. When they got so many things right, you can read between the lines and probably think at some point the the 4K idea was binned or pushed back to the next Switch for either technical or business reasons.

      There are actually dozens of leaks that have landed over the years, including exact date and time of Directs with all announcements leaked, hardware and specs, games and features, and so on. Of course, there have been far more fake leaks but eventually you develop an eye for sensing out what’s real, and what’s not. And yes, even the real guys sometimes get it wrong, likely when plans change or Nintendo deliberately leaks nonsense to figure out who the leakers are. But to think Nintendo is completely leak-free at this stage is to be in denial.

    2. What do you care anyway? You’re not a Nintendo fan? Mr. Pc master Race over here thinking he’s a Nintendo fan.. pssessha

      1. I started with Nintendo and I am definitely a Nintendo fan. Yes PC is in a way superior but I’m a console gamer and a Nintendo fan at heart. As a Nintendo fan I also own other consoles. Anyways, as much as i want an F-Zero game, be it new or remaster it ain’t happening.

        1. I love how people like you are so quick to judge. F-Zero has been something Nintendo has thought about, as well as being approached by THE GUY who directed GX, stating he wanted to do another game. Take your negattivity and shove it.

  2. They’re making a sequel to Hey! Pikmin but they are going to call it Hey! Falcon Punch: Federation Force.

    1. LowClassMerc is a douche

      Just because you’re too young to even remember GX, doesn’t mean F-Zero sucks, idiot. You suck. Metroid is overrated garbage.

  3. I might be wrong (almost certain I am) but wasn’t one of the mobile games Nintendo announced way back when an F Zero game?

  4. I hope Ubisoft can makeF Zero Pikmin 4 or Star Fox or Donkey Kong. They seem like one of the very few developers who immediately start a sequel . Only time Nintendo immediately work on sequels are for a plumber or a swordsman.

  5. It needs to be F-Zero GX HD. They need to bring in new pkayers to the franchise to set thenselves up for a new installment on the next Nintendo system. It better not be
    f-ing Mario Kart tracks. Nintendo has a habit of doing the wrong thing, so who knows.

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