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Square Enix’s The Diofield Chronicle demo coming to Switch tomorrow

logo for Square Enix's The Diofield Chronicle

Square Enix has confirmed this evening that their intriguing strategy RPG The Diofield Chronicles is getting a demo and it will be available for everyone to play on the Nintendo Switch eShop and other platforms tomorrow. A number of journalists have played the demo already and there are plenty of hands-on impressions available to read online and the general concuss is that the game shows some promise, but it seems to be a mixed bag, possibly because it’s different from what they had expected. That isn’t because the demo isn’t lengthy, it is, so there’s plenty to get your teeth into. The full game is scheduled to arrive 22nd September and all eyes will be on the reviews.

2 thoughts on “Square Enix’s The Diofield Chronicle demo coming to Switch tomorrow”

  1. So basically it’s Fire Emblem but also not Fire Emblem? Saw the preview from IGN, albeit for 5mins, and yes, I’ll be playing it, just after finishing Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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