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Nintendo plans reduction of Switch box-size

Nintendo Switch console retail

Nintendo is in the process of reducing the Nintendo Switch box-size by 20% which will allow the Kyoto-based company to transport more Switch consoles to retailers due to the smaller sized boxes. The smaller-boxes will take up less room, meaning the drivers can pack and ship more consoles. Nintendo said that the move will be extremely helpful for transportation efficiency and will increase retail supply of the consoles towards the lucrative Christmas period.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo plans reduction of Switch box-size”

  1. I find this shocking given the utter waste of plastic on the software side.
    A game case can fit at least 20 cartridges alone.

  2. There isn’t much can be done with the joy-con analog stick, iFixit made a video about analog sticks using magnets and it will fix drifting in all controllers, unfortunately it up to these companies to implement them in their controllers.

    As for the case size, i agree it’s a waste of plastic, especially if it’s a code in a box. Cut the case in half and save money on plastic though some do use the empty space for things like stickers and an actual manual.

  3. It’s the damn game cases that REALLY needs the box size reduction. I’m not an environmental nutjob but even I can recognize you don’t need a case that big for a tiny lil cart/cartridge. Especially if there is no manual which could also just get shrunk, anyway.

  4. Giancarlo Thomaz Senoni

    is kinda ironic that a Nintendo a companie know the resistance of it consoles, is sufering of a servere problem know as the dreadful Joy-Con Drift, luckyly my and my cousin has not suffered the dreadful Joy-Con Drift, i have a Switch since dezembre 8th 2019, my cousin have the launch Switch since dezembre 2017, but severals friend of mine has sufered the dreadful Joy-Con Drift.

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