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The September 2022 Direct saw peak viewership of 2,100,000

The contents of this week’s Nintendo Direct are no longer a mystery. However, you might be wondering just how many people decided to tune in to the Direct to find out what we would be seeing on the Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

Well, Streams Charts has the answer to that. Streams Charts says that the Nintendo Direct was streamed on nearly 200 channels for a peak viewership of 2,100,000. On average, the Direct saw a viewership of 1,500,000. A total of 2,000,000 hours were watched due to the Direct, with 83% of it coming from YouTube.

It isn’t surprising either, but the top 3 channels for broadcasting the Direct, in terms of Hours Watched and Peak Audience, were Nintendo themselves. They streamed the Direct in English, Spanish and Japanese. Streams Charts says that “the Japanese-language broadcasts of the showcase outperformed the English-language ones in each of the viewership indicators”.


8 thoughts on “The September 2022 Direct saw peak viewership of 2,100,000”

  1. I feel like the queens death played a part in it as well Europe was just going to upload theirs a bit later after the live ones ended so a good amount of their viewers most likely flock to north America or Japans version.

    1. I’m in UK, but watched it on American channel whilst having tyres fitted to my truck.

      No doubt about it that the botw 2 title was reason to hold off live stream in uk. I think it was a good move by Nintendo and very respectful

    2. Yeah I can understand that procedure on why Nintendo UK decided to not stream the direct live and the US Nintendo decided to continue their plans during the Queen’s death. Not criticizing Nintendo or anything, I’m just speaking the truth about the situation.

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