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3 more Genesis games available for Switch Online + Expansion Pack members

switch online + expansion pack latest update

Nintendo had already confirmed some more Nintendo 64 games would be releasing in the coming months for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members. However, their Nintendo Direct didn’t mention anything about their other retro libraries.

Well, the NES and SNES libraries are still not getting anything new for the time being, but Nintendo did confirm some new SEGA Genesis additions tonight. According to Nintendo, Alisa Dragoon, Beyond Oasis and Earthworm Jim are now available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack members. Their announcement tweet is down below.

12 thoughts on “3 more Genesis games available for Switch Online + Expansion Pack members”

    1. Best reason I can think of is some people grew up with different versions. It doesn’t matter which one is technically superior, if you have nostalgia for one over another you’ll likely wanna play that one instead

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    2. This is the first one. The snes service has the second one, which is smart considering the genesis version of 1 is better than 2, but the 2 one is better than the first one on snes

  1. Glad to hear about Pokémon Stadium. It would be nice if they made a Pokémon Stadium for Sword and Shield Arcues and Scarlet. They can still have the Pokémon Bank App that would be nice.
    Why not? Is this possible?

  2. EJ1 for Genesis Online and EJ2 for SNES Online shows that whoever is curating these libraries knows what they are doing. They’ve picked the superior version of each game.

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