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Fatal Frame Black Water success made developers decide to remaster Lunar Eclipse

screenshot from the fatal; frame remaster lunar eclipse

Koei Tecmo recently made the surprise announcement that it is remaking the classic Wii horror game, Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, and that it is scheduled to launch on multiple platforms in early 2023. Speaking during the Koei Tecmo’s TGS 2022 stream, the developers explained why they decided to pick Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse as the next game in the series to remaster. They also mentioned that the game was greenlit due in part to the successful launch of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater.

“Last year, the Fatal Frame series had its 20th anniversary. We had numerous considerations on what we could do to all the fans who have supported us up until then. As a result, we released a remaster of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water. After some time passed from the release, it gathered much attention from everyone, and we received various kinds of opinions. We actually feel glad that people around the world hope to see a sequel and [other] series titles get released.

There are also people who started playing Fatal Frame with Maiden of Black Water, so we have the desire to convey more of the appeals from Japanese-style horror games. We decided to remaster and release Mask of the Lunar Eclipse, which was also requested a lot. It will take a bit more time until release, but we are currently developing it, so please wait until the release.”


2 thoughts on “Fatal Frame Black Water success made developers decide to remaster Lunar Eclipse”

  1. A Wii game ported to Switch therefore it’s a lazy port just like Skyward Sword cuz apparently a game that’s 480p looks barely any different than 1080p plus any quality of life don’t count making it an even more of a lazy port.

  2. The devs of this series must either really hate the US, money, or both because they are just hell be t on not releasing this franchise physically in the west while making it extremely problematic for western game collectors to get a proper physical version of this game that doesn’t require a download for English options.
    At this point they are as bad or worse than Level5, whom also screwed up in the west by not releasing Yokai Watch 4 or it’s advanced version in the west or adding english to the japanese version for importers during the switche’s early life when people wanted a good Pokemon experience on switch and Nintendo and Pokemon company went full moron mode.
    Sad part is Yokai Watch 4 is a really good game and could have been one of the best selling games on the switch, too bad Level5 is ran by complete morons who chose to abandon the western market right before they gave that game a chance in the states, even crazier is the fact that Yokai Watch 4 was one of the most wanted 3rd party games on the switch in the states when they first announced it before canceling it over here… God that company is dumb AF.

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