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Nintendo highlights possible Splatfest bug

artwork for Splatoon 3

Nintendo UK says that the Splatoon 3 team has identified a potential bug related to the upcoming Splatfest which begins on Friday. The bug, which has recently been discovered, is related to players conch shells that they have acquired before they have voted for either Team Gear, Team Grub, or Team Fun in the Splatfest and some users have reported they have disappeared. To avoid this, the company says that fans should choose their Splatfest team as soon as possible as their vote may not count towards the final Splatfest results, which will be unveiled either on Sunday evening or Monday morning, depending on your time zone.

4 thoughts on “Nintendo highlights possible Splatfest bug”

  1. “Highlights” I have encountered worse bugs compared to the launch update I started encountering glitches while playing salmon run after a couple of matches while hanging in the lobby and still connected to the internet, it’ll give me a disconnect message from Splatoon 3 and than the normal system error message and than it give me a I guess another error and completely close out my game pushing me back to the switch home menu

  2. Is it just me, or does it seem like this is one of the buggiest games Nintendo has released in years? I’ve gotten 4 “communication error has occurred” pop-ups in a row in the lobby, and I’m 99% sure it’s not on my end because my Switch is like 10 ft away from my router with nothing in between them.

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