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Super Mario Movie toy listings from Jakks Pacific pop up on Amazon

The merchandise for the Super Mario Movie which is due out next April is already in production and a few of the toy listings have sprung up on Amazon. There’s sadly no images to accompany the listings, but it seems Jakks Pacific will be in charge of an array of Super Mario Movie figures. There are five figure listings on Amazon and they are for Mario, Luigi, Toad and Bowser, with presumably more characters on the way. There’s bound to be a vast array of merchandise from a number of product manufactures to accompany the film’s release on 7th April, 2023. We will let you know if any more pop up on Amazon or other online retailers in the meantime.


4 thoughts on “Super Mario Movie toy listings from Jakks Pacific pop up on Amazon”

  1. OmG sPoIlErS even though it’s not. In other news: cool, we will have to see how they look and i know they aren’t known for Good Smile Company levels of quality (yes i know some of their stuff’s quality can be meh) nor their pricing, especially nendoroids.

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