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SUDA51: “If the fans are very loud, Travis may come back” in the future

SUDA51 has spoken with GNN.Gamer about the No More Heroes franchise after players got to experience the final game in the series, No More Heroes 3 last year. SUDA51 was asked by the website if there’s any chance of Travis returning in the future. SUDA51 informed the interviewer that he can’t predict what will happen in ten years time, but if the fans are loud enough he might revisit the franchise with Travis Touchdown.

“No More Heroes 3 is Travis’s last battle. It’s just that no one can say what will happen in 10 years, and I can’t say it. If the fans are very loud, Travis may come back. That’s right, just like Tom Cruise came back as a Lone Ranger…”

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3 thoughts on “SUDA51: “If the fans are very loud, Travis may come back” in the future”

  1. Haha maybe he’s better off not coming back. NMH3 was an unstable mess, though I enjoyed both 1 and 2.

    It took over a decade to make this game, it’s a shame that the result was mediocre. It had its moments but if you can call a game “uncooked” then it is NMH3. Perhaps on PC the performance is at least acceptable.

  2. Honestly? Screw you Suda. NMH3 happened because fans went out and about to ask for it. The fact that not only you left it on a cliffhanger but that you are asking again for “fan outcry” is stupid.
    Your games are literally bought only by fans. I bought it on Switch when I didn’t have enough money and now I wanted to buy it for Series X but you know what? I’m doubting it, because you bash and trash on a gaming industry that is decaying and is governed by wealthy fat rats but you are as bad/evil as them by forcing fans to either buy more or tweeting or messaging the studios that own NMH.
    If there ever is a NMH4 please launch it in a good platform and finish it with an actual ending, content and more than 30fps

  3. Nope. I’M DONE. TSA:NMH and NH3 were both basically unfinished trash. The guy complaining about the cliffhanger doesn’t realize that bc of the games sense of humor they’re always going to do that s*** like that ending. But honestly the game play loop and everything is just weak, who cares about it anymore? I certainly don’t. Only Switch games I plan to sell.

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