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Japan: Latest Famitsu readers most wanted video games

The latest edition of Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu contains this week’s most wanted video games as voted by the readers. There’s no change at the top spot for the next mainline Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XVI, with 678 votes. The second most wanted game this week is Platinum Games third game in the beloved Bayonetta series, Bayonetta 3, which launches as the end of the month and received 615 votes from Famitsu readers. All the votes were cast between 29th September, 2022 and 5th October, 2022.

  1. [PS5] Final Fantasy XVI – 678 votes
  2. [NSW] Bayonetta 3 – 615 votes
  3. [NSW] Pokemon Scarlet / Violet – 567 votes
  4. [NSW] Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – 562 votes
  5. [NSW] Dragon Quest Treasures – 466 votes
  6. [PS5] Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – 318 votes
  7. [PS5] Star Ocean 6 – 228 votes
  8. [PS5] Resident Evil 4 – 201 votes
  9. [NSW] Ushiro – 196 votes
  10. [PS4] Star Ocean 6 – 170 votes


2 thoughts on “Japan: Latest Famitsu readers most wanted video games”

  1. After playing the Star Ocean 6 demo i can tell it’s definitely better then Star Ocean 5. Part 5 was ridiculously short for an Rpg , the last good Star Ocean was Star Ocean The Last Hope. I’d just as soon rather play Star Ocean 6 as i’d perfer to forget Part 5 ever happened.

    Im anticipating Star Ocean 6, Dragons Dogma 2, Minecraft Legends, Diablo 4, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Disgaea 7 and Story of Seasons a Wonderful Life

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