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Nintendo Switch Sports updated to version 1.2.2

artwork for Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports has been available for almost half a year now. Although Nintendo Switch Sports hasn’t been getting many significant updates for most of that time, that doesn’t mean Nintendo is ignoring the game completely.

However, the most recent update, despite being rather small, didn’t go so well. Nintendo had to stop distribution of the update and even temporarily take down the online servers because of a major bug, but Nintendo plans to permanently fix the issue this week.

In fact, Nintendo has implemented their first step towards doing that tonight. The company has released an update that puts Nintendo Switch Sports at version 1.2.2. This update had been announced in advance by Nintendo as the first of 2 that will be rolling out this week, with the second update coming in a few days. The patch notes are down below.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an error that occurs during pre-match loading under certain conditions, causing the software to close.
  • This update data (Ver. 1.2.2) may not resolve the issue this time for some players so we are preparing the next update data (Ver. 1.2.3) distribution for them.


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