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Japan: “Hotel Barcelona” & “Death Game Hotel” trademarks filed


It is not just Nintendo that file trademarks. Other video gaming companies will also, from time to time, file some trademarks of their own for similar reasons. This even includes No More Heroes creator Suda51 and Deadly Premonition creator Swery65.

For example, it has been discovered that Suda51’s studio, White Owls, had filed trademarks for “Hotel Barcelona” & “Death Game Hotel” in March. According to Video Games Chronicle, both trademarks have also been filed internationally and are currently pending. Video Games Chronicle also mentions that the trademarks “cover goods and services including computer game software, virtual reality headsets, computer hardware, audio playback devices, and personal digital assistants”.

There have been rumors of a horror game in the works from Grasshopper Manufacture for weeks now, and they have even teased a game that will be revealed soon. Suda51, meanwhile, has even mentioned a couple of times in the past about collaborating with Swery65 for a horror game called Hotel Barcelona. With that all said, it seems that a game reveal may be on the way soon.


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