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Mega Man 11 now best-selling game in series

Mega Man 11 artwork

Japanese developer and publisher, Capcom, recently revealed updated numbers for their best-selling video game software in their Platinum Title list. The sales have been tallied and Mega Man 11 which launched in 2018 is now the best-selling game in the long-running Mega Man series. It should be noted though that the Mega Man 11 is playable on all modern consoles, which has obviously benefited the game. Mega Man 11 has now shifted over 1.60 million units across all platforms as of 30th September, 2022 and finally dethroned Mega Man 2 (1988) which was previously the best-selling game in the series. The next game is Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection which is scheduled to release on Nintendo Switch and other systems in 2023.


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