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Capcom reveals updated all-time best-sellers list, Monster Hunter Rise is No.3

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Capcom has provided an updated version of its Platinum Titles list which gives fans a look at the Japanese gaming company’s best-selling games. There remains no change at the top by quite a long shot as Monster Hunter World is far and away the Capcom’s best-selling video game, shifting a staggering 18.50 million units. The multiplatform Monster Hunter title is followed by the acclaimed survival horror game, Resident Evil 7, with 11.30 million copies shifted. Monster Hunter Rise has moved up to No.3 with 11.20 million units sold.

Best-selling Capcom games as of 30th September, 2022:

TitlePlatformMillion Units
1Jan 2018Monster Hunter: WorldPS4, Xbox One, PC, DL18.50※
2Jan 2017RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazardPS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX, PC, DL11.30
3Mar 2021Monster Hunter RiseNSW, PC, DL11.20
4Jan 2019Resident Evil 2PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX, PC, DL10.10
5Sep 2019Monster Hunter World: IcebornePS4, Xbox One, PC, DL9.70
6Mar 2009Resident Evil 5PS3, Xbox 360, DL8.50
7Oct 2012Resident Evil 6PS3, Xbox 360, DL8.50
8Feb 2016Street Fighter VPS4、PC、DL6.80
9May 2021Resident Evil VillagePS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX, PC, DL6.60
10Jun 1992Street Fighter IISNES6.30

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3 thoughts on “Capcom reveals updated all-time best-sellers list, Monster Hunter Rise is No.3”

  1. Have so much fun playing Monster Hunter World and Iceborn, unfortunately most lobbies are inactive unless you create a lobby. It’s fun farming rare loot drops with low RNG if you can actually find anyone playing.

  2. I’m abit confused; Does the 18.50 Million for MHW include the sales for MHW:I? Seems abit high just on it’s own.

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