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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet currently sitting at 77 on Metacritic

logo for Pokemon adventure Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

As promised the reviews have started to pour in for the latest Pokemon adventures Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and the consensus on the games seem to be mixed with the game receiving 77 (21.06 GMT) on review aggregation site, Metacritic The most glaring issues reviewers seem to have faced is performance, which were obvious in the trailers which have been shown leading up to the games release. The reviewers believe that there are some genuinely fun moments in the game, but that it isn’t a the progressive step forward for the franchise as some had expected. This is the first 3D open world adventure for the series and it doesn’t seem top be a progressive step up from the fairly well receive Pokémon Legends: Arceus (83 Metascore) which launched earlier this year. Here’s some snippets from some of the reviews featured:

“Here, Game Freak draws up an exciting new open-world blueprint for the Pokémon franchise, but appears to have lacked the time and knowhow to deliver it to spec. Compare this with June’s gorgeous Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which runs on the same console, and it’s hard to shake the feeling that you’re beta testing an open-world Pokémon. With more time in the oven, this could have been genuinely exciting. As it stands, this fun-filled adventure asks you to put up with an awful lot more of the rough than the smooth.”

The Guardian – 60/100

“Pokémon Scarlet and Violet takes two steps forward and one step back, much to blame for its performance on Nintendo Switch. Still, the new formula is solid and could very well serve as the basis for the next games in the franchise, with plenty of room to grow. With a whole new generation of Pokémons to meet and novel mechanics to master, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet will please new and old fans, casual or competitive alike.”

IGN Portugal 80/100

The basic mechanics of Pokemon remain largely untouched – it’s still catching, battling, and training as you remember it – and while that may be enough for many devotees, Generation 9 is a tougher sell for those who need more of a reason to engage with the series, impacted as it is by technical issues, mechanical oversights, and a lack of vision. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet should have been a bright and bold entry that sets the series up for future expansion, but an attempt to modernize while staying loyal to the past hasn’t really succeeded in doing either one – and the headache doesn’t help, to boot.

Games Radar 60/100


14 thoughts on “Pokemon Scarlet & Violet currently sitting at 77 on Metacritic”

  1. It doesn’t matter what it scores or what reviews say “im sure it will still sell good” despite how it scores or what reviews say.

    I hope no one analyzes my post I BETTER TYPE WITH CAPS LOCK, or maybe i’ll write a wall of text and spell with numbers otherwise some random fanboy might imply im wrong or rephrase my post or try correcting me.

  2. Even though legends Arceus was brilliant, the Pokemon company still seem to be testing new waters, this is the first time we have had a Pokemon game on this grand scale, with as much freedom as we have been given. The Pokemon company have never been known for having perfect running or looking games, but this is still nice for what they have achieved. Let’s hope the steps get a little bolder in the future, while keeping things sweet for Pokemon fans. From what we got with Pokemon sword and shield this is a step forward, and a major delight 😊❤️

  3. People don’t play Pokémon for the story, they play for shiny hunting and competitive and they overlook how the game looks and don’t care if it runs at 30fps as long it runs well. Also if it’s fun then who cares if it doesn’t look uber hyperrealistic at 1440p and runs at 244fps with DLSS 3.0 and RTX on? As for the score, i mean it’s Pokémon so i see why the score is 78/100

    1. Nintendo First Order Recruiter Zscout1288

      If I cared a lot how good a game looks then I wouldn’t be playing on switch. As long as I can tell what I am doing then it’s not a big deal to me.

      1. I still want to play it and I agree with the criticism and am happy devs are giving lower scores. Switch is underpowered though so I expect games to run like crap on it always, wish they would hurry up and release an upgraded switch.

        I’m happy with the new formula though and really liked arceus so they’ll be getting my purchase probably next week.

  4. The fact that 78% is being presented by some as some kind of failure or a ‘bad game’ honestly showcases just how daft using numbering systems in a review really is. It reems like it indicates a solid overall experience with room for growth. 50% seems like it would be perfectly average, and 78% is well above that. It’s absurd to use numbers to ‘quantify’ art.

    That said, I susupect this game is agressively mediocre, and needs some sharp improvements in its game engine.

    1. That’s not how game ratings work. If 5.0 was the average we’d see far more games under 5.0, but none of the few hundred games I’ve played over the years have had a rating that low. Lowest game score I can recall playing was Yooka Laylee in the 60’s, and that game was a slog to play through. I would have to say 8 is the average.

        1. The scoring system is likely based on similarly-scaled grading systems. 100% is a perfect. 50% is not passable. 70%-83% I’d say is low-average to above-average. Anything above that is good-great.

          It’s not arbitrary. It’s a general take on the multiple working parts of development to implementation. It’s not that hard to grasp.

  5. I’m trying to enjoy it but the quality is disgusting. lol… does anyone know if the terrible framerate, terrible textures and ginormous amounts of glitches will be patched?

  6. It’s probably the best one ever, but I stopped playing after my third Pokemon game after slogging through it and asking myself if I was actually having fun, And I really wasn’t. I do like the Gameboy trading Card game a lot better.

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