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Sonic Team says Sonic Frontiers combat was initially like Devil May Cry & Bayonetta

Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers game director Morio Kishimoto, lead designer Jyunpei Ootsu, producer Sachiko Kawamura, and lead programmer Hiroki Tokunaga have appeared in an interview on the official Sonic YouTube channel and one of the elements of the game which was discussed is the game’s all-important combat features. The team revealed that the 3D platforms combat system was initially like Bayonetta and Devil May Cry but they eventually dropped it as they felt it did not work “well as a Sonic game.” If you think about it, it is easy to imagine the game using a fast paced combat system like that used in the aforementioned games. Hopefully a demo emerges in the future of just how it worked in Sonic Frontiers.

“Sonic’s combat systems, which nearly followed in Devil May Cry or Bayonetta’s footsteps. Presumably, this would mean twin pistols, various weapons, and a combo system that scores Sonic’s moves after every arena-style fight. However, this combat style was dropped for not working “well as a Sonic game.”

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4 thoughts on “Sonic Team says Sonic Frontiers combat was initially like Devil May Cry & Bayonetta”

  1. Suddenly I imagine Sonic doing all of Dante’s show-off poses and Bayonetta’s “naughty” dance moves.🤣

    But yeah, like Natorious said, the DMC & Bayo inspiration is still kinda there.

  2. This is the kind of info the should have kept to themselves. Sonic Frontiers combat is great, but Devil May Cry it is not.

  3. Sonic trying his best to be an action brawler looks like werehog missions and sonic boom, what they ended up going for is way better than their idea of dmc combat.

    Ngl though, damage sponges are never satisfying – would rather they stuck to patterns and quick kills (essentially what Frontiers has once you power up a bit)

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