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UK charts: Pokemon Violet slips again this week to No.5

logo for Pokemon adventure Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

The latest boxed software charts have come through from the biggest gaming market in Europe, the United Kingdom. The latest Pokemon games for the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Violet and Pokemon Scarlet, have been slipping in the top ten since their release on Friday, 18th November. This week Pokemon Violet is at No.5 and Pokemon Scarlet is at No.7. The best-selling game this week is unsurprisingly FIFA 23, which is assuredly getting a boost in sales due to the ongoing World Cup 2022. Here is the GfK UK Boxed Top Ten for the week ending 3rd December:

“Pokémon Violet slips to No.5 after a 30% sales drop, and Pokémon Scalet also dropped 30% and falls to No.7. One game that has done well this week is Mario + Rabids: Kingdom Battle. The 2017 Ubisoft game has been rising in sales over multiple weeks due to various promotions, and this week it is at No.18. The game is actually higher in the charts this week than its successor, Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, which was only released in October.”

Games Industry
Last WeekThis WeekTitle
11FIFA 23
22Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
53God of War Ragnarok
44Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
45Pokémon Violet
New Entry6The Callisto Protocol
67Pokémon Scarlet
88Nintendo Switch Sports
79Sonic Frontiers
1510Animal Crossing: New Horizons


7 thoughts on “UK charts: Pokemon Violet slips again this week to No.5”

    1. Cool Nikki, I’ve done everything on the game on my scarlet version, only got 4 (round two) gym challenges left. 60 Pokemon left to get for my dex. One of those being Espeon. 6 stakes left to find, but haven’t opened any of the 4 mythical doors yet. One chain on two doors, and two chains on the two other doors. That’s about it 😁

  1. I already completed the game, finished the pokedex, built up competitive teams, and have nearly climbed to master rank in both singles and doubles in competitive, you guys are slow.

    1. That’s pretty impressive Ryu, this is the first time I’ve played an open world game (that’s if all the old Zelda games don’t count haha) I still don’t understand the map it throws me around a lot. I’m having trouble scaling the landscape, but getting used to it. My highest level Pokemon is dragonite Lv 85, my starter is Lv 75. I could just go on serebii and look up things I’m not sure about. But the knowledge I lack isn’t impossible to discover on my own, I waited 3 years for this game to come out, so I can be a little more patient in my conquest 😁

  2. Nah, im not slow i was alternating between other games haven’t Just been playing Pokemon Violet and i didn’t look up any level grinding methods until the 1st time i was defeated by the elite 4. Also didn’t Just skip the dialogue during the campaign, besides it’s not a race. I didn’t do a quick Google search and look up a guide for 100% completion. All i looked up so far is the evolution requirements for Umbreom, Rockruff and Crueledge. Other then that i was doing a blind play through.

  3. I actually took my time through the story, read it all, I even went around and talked to all the NPCs that have dialogue while I was exploring. I know from experience with these games that certain NPCs provide important services and it pays to know where they are early on for competitive (so you can build as you go).

    After I beat the story (I was catching everything new I saw as I went along to not have to go after it later), I traded for all the exclusives with someone that has the other version (I played Violet). Though I managed to snag the other two starters through surprise trades easily before that, since that’s where people dump their breedjects. Got the trade evolutions through raid dens. 5 and 6* dens are unlocked post games and can contain any Pokémon, including things like scisor, slowking ect. So that’s how I obtained those.

    The main thing you’ll want to do as you play is run the raid dens. The loot from them is amazing, and you will be swimming in all the EXP candies you could ever want or need. Use those candies to make easy lvl 100’s. That’s also where you will obtain the other important items for competitive: Nature mints, ability capsules, ability patches, tera shards and bottle caps. With these things you can bypass the tedium of breeding for competitive and just go right into making literally any Pokémon you have in your box perfect. At that point EV training is your only concern and getting money to spam vitamins for that is easy enough. (though weirdly these things were even faster and easier in Sword and Shield)

    the only thing I looked up in a guide besides a few evolution methods for the new mons, was the locations of the legendary stakes, because honestly finding them all on my own would have been a tedious, unfun gameplay loop for me.

    1. Wow, awesome Ryu, I actually regret not using any candy’s, or items on my Pokemon for training as it’s way to hard and seemed easier in legends Arceus. Also I’m looking for the stakes myself, and agree that it’s a little annoying and tedious as I have found an awful lot of them, and still can’t access any of the doors, I wish they added a stake counter or something to help. I haven’t accessed any of the online features, so anything to do with bonus items or features, I haven’t bothered with yet, and I know I’m missing out on some cool things. I just finished exploring the map last night, and this game is pretty huge, bigger then I initially thought. I’m going to start exploring areas individually to find the last stakes and Pokemon for my dex, it’s really painful, but I always feel rewarded for my hard work when I find something, much like an archaeologist does when they discover something in the desert lol I want to wrap up this game quickly now. I want it finished in the next day or 2 😁💖

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